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My name is Charlene and although I am originally from New York City, I have lived in Costa Rica since 1982. I am completely fluent in Spanish and absolutely love teaching Spanish to others so the lessons are fun and are geared to getting you to speak and understand easily and quickly.

I have studied teaching methods in university classes and I have many years of experience tutoring Spanish to Costa Rican high school students and teaching both English and Spanish as second languages. The experience of having also taught literacy classes to Spanish speaking adults for many years has given me extensive training in adult teaching methods. I live totally immersed in the Latin culture, so I spend all of my time speaking with locals and I can teach you the Spanish idiomatic expressions that are so useful in everyday conversation.


There are definite advantages to learning Spanish with someone who is native English speaking and fluent in Spanish:


  • I am able to present to you the rules and idiosyncrasies of the Spanish language in ways that you will easily grasp because I understand how the English speaking mind thinks.


  • Because of my slightly Americanized accent, you will more readily understand WHAT is being said to you so that you can concentrate on sentence structure and grammar rather than struggling to just decipher the words.


  • You will have a teacher who can readily explain any grammatical point to you in perfect English so that it is more easily understood.


I am a dynamic teacher but also a patient person who has experience in different teaching methods, especially how to gear the lessons to fit each student's learning style and also how to keep the lessons from being 'boring'.


Learning Spanish can be fun and enjoyable and you CAN be successful!


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