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Some of my students have taken the time to share about their SkypeSpanish experiences.

I think it's a good idea to share them with you too.



 Since taking Spanish 50 years ago, I have stumbled along with "survival Spanish." Using my limited vocabulary and present tense, I barely made conversation with Spanish speakers. I always wanted to be fluent, but I never made any serious effort to improve. I have had about ten lessons with Charlene and I have surprised myself by my improvement. I am now thinking in Spanish, without having to clumsily translate before I speak. I still make many mistakes and I am not yet at the level of fluency I want, but I can see my progress and it makes me very proud. I now seek out opportunities to speak Spanish every chance I get and I'm more confident and relaxed about it. In my Skype lessons with Charlene, I am now able to carry on a conversation in Spanish for almost the entire 60 minutes. She corrects my mistakes gently but firmly, not letting me "get away with" my mistakes. Many of my mistakes are the result of 50 years of bad habits in Spanish. She types the corrections into the Skype chat box so I can see the words and have a record of them. 

I am encouraged by my progress and I recommend her to anyone who really wants to learn Spanish. No matter what your level in Spanish, you will soon be able to see and hear your progress. Just do it!

Robert L. B., Atllantic City, NJ, USA



I have taken Spanish lessons over many years.  I can honestly say that Charlene is a wonderful Spanish teacher.  She has a wonderful rapport with her students. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. Charlene is extremely organized, reliable and easy to spend time with. I truly enjoy my lessons and have learned so much.  Learning Spanish online takes dedication and commitment. 
And so does teaching it online. Charlene makes learning easy!

Carol A., Silver Spring, MD



I have learned so much in such a short time working with Charlene. She presents the material in such an easy to understand way. I am having so much fun learning Spanish!

Lisa G

Dallas, TX



My wife and I have taken just six lessons through Skype Spanish and quite frankly we are both amazed and thrilled at our progress so far. We have tried other methods in the past without much success. Either the curriculum was not relevant to our needs (oriented towards tourists) or there was no ongoing support mechanism to get assistance and we struggled and ended up giving up in frustration. Yet within the relatively short time we have been working with Charlene at Skype Spanish we have seen our working vocabulary increase significantly and we have begun to have "everyday" conversations with each other in our "new" language. Our steady progress so far has served to motivate us to learn and succeed even more! We never thought it would be possible to learn so much in such a short time given our past experiences however, the individualized, convenient lessons, a patient and knowledgeable teacher and the ongoing support has made it seem easy. We highly recommend Skype Spanish to anyone who wants to learn Spanish efficiently, effectively and most importantly, correctly.

And finally, to Charlene who has made our learning experience so enjoyable:

¡Gracias por su ayuda!

Bill and Kelly B., Canada



I recommend Charlene highly to anyone who wants to speak spanish well. She is a very attentive instructor, sends lessons and additional resources weekly and is committed to her students success. As well she is encouraging and obviously enjoys inspiring us as she shares her love and considerable experience with the Spanish  language. I find the weekly opportunities to speak Spanish with Charlene very enjoyable and of enormous value for a very reasonable fee.

I am delighted to have found her!

Jennie W., Calgary, Canada
psychotherapist/coach and




I have lived in Costa Rica now for 2 years and have been unhappy with all the  Spanish teachers I have attempted to study with prior to meeting Charlene. In the course of 2 months I have accomplished more quality wise and am now able to converse and comprehend with a self sense of confidence . There are teachers and there are TEACHERS. As a retired professional, I appreciate  competence and integrity; I have found both of these necessary attributes in Charlene. Also, she has a definite sensitivity to individualization and not just mass production of her lessons.
It is without solicited enthusiasm I would recommend (and do) her wonderful service as a Master Teacher and Educator of Spanish Language. Also, her rates are very fair and in my opinion, one of Costa Rica's affordable secrets :)
Please feel free to contact me for additional comments.


Philip Greenberg M.S. N.D., Rohrmoser, Costa Rica



I am 75 years old and have lost count of the number of Spanish courses I have taken in the last 15 years. I took night classes in the University, community college as well as schools in Spanish speaking countries. I spent a month at a prestigious Institute in Mexico. I learnt a great deal of theory and vocabulary but I did not acquire any fluency. I have difficulty speaking especially with verbs and even more difficulty with comprehension. I have had only 6 classes with Charlene and what a difference they have made. I know now that I shall finally succeed in my goal. The big bonus is that the lessons are so much fun and cost less than other classes I enquired about.
People my age think they are too old to learn Spanish because of a widely held belief that older people cannot learn new languages because the language acquisition part of the brain is said to be lost in childhood. This has been proven to be untrue. The difficulty that older people have is entirely due to the traditional methods of teaching, which are not a bit like the way a child learns a language. Charlene's methods are more flexible and she utilizes videos and audios, which stimulate that part of the brain which old people think they have lost. Also there is now evidence that the act of learning a new language is the best method of keeping your brain active and staving off senility. If you also live in a Spanish speaking country your life will be greatly enriched when you can speak with and understand your neighbours on a less superficial level. So take the plunge and give it a go!!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Helen L.J., San Vito, Costa Rica



Wow! is all that I can say about Charlene!  I have tried several Spanish schools, programs, etc. all over the world and none compare to Charlene with her energy, her great attitude and her wonderful way of teaching.  Charlene is always prepared and always aware of her students needs while still maintaining a forward moving curriculum that is molded uniquely and specifically to each person.  My son and I are both taking Skype Spanish classes with Charlene and we are so amazed with our progress and her commitment to our success. I love her follow-ups with us and also that she sends fun yet helpful emails and websites to encourage our Spanish along. I have referred Charlene to everyone that I can and will be enrolling my daughter and husband in her classes also.  She is so dynamic and it is truly a blessing that I discovered her! All I can say, is THANK YOU Charlene for being who you are and sharing your gift of teaching Spanish with those of us in need!


Dr. Harmony C., Santa Ana, Costa Rica




 I started taking Spanish classes over 10 years ago, ranging from college courses and private lessons, to an immersion program in Cuba. While my comprehension and my reading abilities weren't bad, I struggled to blurt out the simplest of sentences. My mind would go blank and I'd be totally tongue-tied. I am not a risk taker...I do not like making mistakes. Luckily, I found Charlene! I had my first class with her on May 25, 2010 and right from the start, I realized how fortuitous it was to have found such a great teacher. Charlene is amazing. She has an uncanny ability to put you at ease so that before you know it, you're chatting away in Spanish and an hour has gone by. Having taught ESL, I realize how much time and effort lesson preparation entails. This is another reason I'm so impressed by Charlene whose lessons are thoughtfully prepared and always interesting. She goes to a lot of extra effort to find interesting sites online too so that we can watch videos, listen to songs, play grammar games, etc during the week, between lessons. If you want a knowledgeable, entertaining and dynamic teacher, I heartily recommend Charlene!


Lynn T., Toronto, Canada 




I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I appreciate you and your teaching methods.  I love the way you explain things at a level that is easy to understand and grasp.  I love that your lessons are creative and fun and extremely helpful. Your knowledge of the Spanish language is very, very impressive and I am so thrilled I found your website. I could not have asked for a more patient and intelligent teacher.
I have been living here in Costa Rica for 8 years and unfortunately have developed lazy and bad habits especially for conjugating my verbs.  In just a couple of months, you have helped me improve my verbs and my confidence in speaking the language. 
Your passion for teaching definitely shines through in the results of your students. I want to tell all of my friends about you! You are the best.


Renee F., Heredia, Costa Rica





My husband, Marty, and I have been taking formal Spanish lessons from Charlene for 3 or 4 months.  My comprehension and confidence are so much greater and Marty's conversational skills are off the charts!   We feel that Charlene is an outstanding teacher, full of positive reinforcement.  Because she teaches both visually and audibly, the lessons are varied and the homework is fun to do.  She takes the time to be sure that you understand, not just memorize, what you are learning. Our hats are off to her!


Diane and Marty R., Santa Ana, Costa Rica




I recently acquired a house in Costa Rica.  After making two trips from my home in the states, I knew it would be "importante y necessario" to learn to speak and understand Spanish.  I tried some free Internet sites, downloaded some "listen and learn" mp3's, and even tried a language service to find a native speaking tutor.  That was very expensive, very inconvenient (I had to travel to the tutor) and it just didn't work for me.  I knew I needed interaction with another person to learn to speak Spanish.  Then, I found SkypeSpanish.  It is interactive, convenient, reasonably priced and Charlene is a great teacher.  She also provides a ton of resources for between class practice.  Things are starting to "click".  I would recommend Charlene to anyone who really wants to learn Español. 


Kevin H., Red Bud, IL,USA





Charlene is the BEST teacher!! She has a unique approach to teaching Spanish and she adapts to your learning style. Since Charlene is a native English speaker, she explains the Spanish rules and pronunciation in a way that is easy to understand. She has many tricks up her sleeve to help her students remember specific conjugations and rules. Charlene makes learning Spanish fun through music, visuals and other unique techniques. I highly recommend her Skype Spanish classes!


Caressa B., Belén, Costa Rica





We have bought property in Costa Rica and want to learn Spanish before for our move down, so we are beginning to study now. Our classes with Charlene are fun and we are learning quicker than we ever thought possible. Who ever would have thought that we'd be learning a new language in our fifties?


Tamara & William B., Phoenix, AZ, USA





Charlene has highly effective Spanish teaching skills and you can learn Spanish in the comfort of your home or office. This is a must do for the 'on the go' person who is just learning Spanish or who wants to improve their present language skills. Charlene is very thorough in evaluating and designing a course structure that works with your learning needs. I have been to a few foreign language schools in the past and I must say that Charlene's method of teaching makes for a pleasant and fast learning experience.


Jerry W. Alajuela, Costa Rica





Charlene, "gringuita" is simply the BEST teacher of Spanish I've ever had, and I've been studying for quite a few years. She tuned in, immediately, to what I needed to make a BIG breakthrough--getting me into the past tense. With her infectious encouragement, and humor, learning has become FUN after years of struggling with 'el idioma español'. She helpfully corrects me, as I asked, with every little mistake, instead of a lot of other tutors who just used to let me "ramble" instead of paying attention to detail. Her inventiveness and use of interesting learning materials never ceases to amaze me. I especially like the way she uses singing, and YouTube Spanish songs to "practice" the difficult verb tenses, making learning fun now, instead of a chore. She has the ability to explain things to English-speaking people that make sense, whereas before, with a native Spanish speaker tutor, I often encountered difficulty in understanding the strange, but sonorously beautiful whimsical ways of this beautiful language. Charlene has brought Spanish to life for me in a way I've never experienced! I'm even beginning to dream in some Spanish, another tremendous break-through. On Skype she is attentive, and it's just like she's sitting there, right in front of me!


teZa L., St. Augustine, FL, USA





 My experience with Spanish lessons has been great.  It took me only a few private lessons with Charlene and some daily practice on my own, before I started feeling comfortable with this beautiful language.  Charlene offers effective language learning methodology for English speaking students and she knows how to explain rules even to software engineers like myself :-), because we tend to go into smallest details and usually have many questions about how things work.  Now I can speak in past, present, and future tenses, ask questions, describe my day, give compliments, make jokes and even sing songs in Spanish!!!  
He aprendido muchas nuevas palabras y expresiones.  
¡Yo amo esta lengua bonita y muchas gracias por enseñarme!


Sergio A., Seattle, WA, USA





I have been living and working in Costa Rica for about three years now.  My comprehension was good and I got along fairly well in Spanish but I wasn’t able to use all the verb tenses with a solid base but because Charlene is able to break into English and explain concepts when I need it, I now understand tons better. My comprehension is much, much, much  better, because I am picking up the subtleties of the language. I have found that I understand what I am learning much better by having my questions answered when I have the question and getting the explanation in English, given by an educated teacher, makes all the difference. My classes with Charlene have been very helpful and my learning has been accelerated in ways that native Spanish speakers haven’t been able to do for me.


Robert G., San José, Costa Rica










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