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Each student is very different and learns in a distinct way!


In my experience, I have found that a 'cookie-cutter' text book is the not  the most efficient use of the student's time nor does it maximize their learning process. Instead, I design and create every lesson for each student to maximize their class time and to also address each student's strengths and learning style.


Each lesson has a grammar section, a reading segment to concrete and put into context what was just learned and a follow-up practice to do as homework. The lessons are dynamic, interesting and facilitate the student to actually speak rather than just getting bogged down with grammatical rules. This is the natural and easy way to learn a language, just like a native speaker would learn to speak their own tongue.


As a complimentary part to the lessons, each student receives a weekly 'audio exercise' by email which could be a song, an interview or a story. These exercises faciltate the ability to hear and understand as well as, improve pronunciation and fluent speaking ability. This is particularly helpful for those who have problems understanding what is being said to them even though they have studied Spanish before, a very common complaint that I hear from many students.


In addition to regular class time, each student can contact me by email for any questions or clarifications and will receive a prompt reply. The between-class support is one very important difference that sets SkypeSpanish apart from other language programs.


The class fee includes individualized, pre-class lesson preparation, post class homework correction and weekly audio exercises, carefully chosen for each student based on their current proficiency level and then sent by email.

The cost is lower than what you might expect. Please contact me for more information.


Learning Spanish is not as hard as you might think! In fact, it can be fun and interesting and YOU CAN achieve your language goal.


No matter where you are with Spanish now, SkypeSpanish can get you where you want to be!


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